About club

Welcome to Bubble Tech scuba & swim where our mission and passion is to get people to explore and love water sports. We also 

do emergency first responder courses and teach water safety as this is one of the most important skills and knowledge needed where there is a body of water


But firt thing first let us intreduce our self and tell you how we started our own Little paredice 


Jaco and Karlien who are the owners of Bubble Tech started of exploring the wonders of the underwater wourld in 2008 when both of them completed their open water diver courses. From there Jaco decided to become a open water scuba Instructor in 2012 as he whised to shear his passion of diving 


Karlien who is a teacher of profession and love working with children and doing scuba diving did not share the same passion in teaching Scuba diving. 


Her focus was on children and accidents happening arround swimming pools and ponds. Both Jaco and Karlien completed their swimming instructor courses with SAI in 2018 and started the swim school in Rayton shortly after qualifying 


We are proud to say that we have completed all three segmants of SAI and can provide all 3 courses which is , Star babies and tots for children from 6 months to 3 years , Swim school which is for chilren from 3 years old to adults up to any age. and then stroke school where we focus and fine tuing your stroke after learning to swim